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It's a well known fact the dentist have a rewarding job yet a very difficult one. Not only technology and dental science changing rapidly but also our financial needs. Having an accounting specialist like Simone is essential for the success of any dental practice or business. Simone has helped me overcome the unecessary stress I have felt for years when it came to taxes and accounting. With modern and practical approach, Simone has been able to create a worry free system for my practice accounting. I trust her completely and appreciate her input 100%. My practice is better and more productive as I am able to dedicate more time to my patients.

- Rosemarie Goldstein, DDS
San Anselmo Family Dentistry

Simone is doing a great job for our bookkeeping needs. I never have to think about our books because I know everything is done right. She works with our CPA hand in hand and prepares everything to get our taxes done. I can concentrate on my business and not on my books. That helps a lot.


- Christian Springub

Jimdo, Inc.

Our experience with Simone is that she is an intelligent and enthusiastic bookkeeper that holds herself to high standards. She is diligent, responsive and a fast worker- remaining conscious and caring about the amount of time spent on the books. What I appreciate most is that Simone is happy doing what she does. She is indeed a busy bee with the heart of a VERY big cat.


- Uta Jehnich

Wisdom University/Ubiquity University

Simone is awesome!

Our company is the US branch of a German company and Simone is the solution to all our bookkeeping and accounting needs.

Not only is she very well acquainted with Californian but also German accounting laws and regulations. Her being German is a tremendous asset which makes our life much easier. She works directly with our CPA and we communicate fluently and on a regular basis with our German headquarter.

Simone works, fast, efficient and thoroughly. I know our books are in good hands and I don’t have to worry about anything.

In addition to her being an excellent professional, she is a wonderful human being and I enjoy every minute with her. 

- Gisela Cartwright

Mala Closure Systems Inc.

BusiBee Bookkeeping
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Mill Valley, CA 94941